Keeping your equipment running and in good condition directly translates into profitability for you and your customer. Crafting an ongoing service program that meets your needs and preserves your brand will help determine long-term success. Let CES help you grow your business.
Once your equipment is ready for use, it is important that uptime is maximized to drive profitability and to provide a high-level of customer satisfaction. Preventive maintenance, emergency service, merchandising, and ongoing service planning, and reporting are all key elements to enhancing your customer’s experience. Let CES be your service partner.


CES will complete Preventive Maintenance visits based upon the time frames and predetermined checklist as required. A variety of options are available to ensure that you maximize equipment up-time.


Based on predetermined Service Levels, CES will dispatch a trained/certified technician to quickly and restore the unit to operational status. A variety of response time service levels and pricing models are available. Bundled Services offer the most cost-effective service programs in the industry.


A Concept Change involves the complete re-branding of a unit. Our skilled and trained technicians can easily complete this activity on-site, in many cases after business hours to ensure Brand protection and limit on-site disruption.


CES provides complete Merchandising to ensure that stock-out situations are minimized, expired products are promptly removed, and that the product is current. While completing the Merchandising activities, our skilled technicians are also trained to perform a “soft PM”, as well as resolving “mis-vends”. Our goal is to revenue optimization through maximum unit availability.


Unit security is a critical issue. With the extremely low turnover rate of our technicians, you can be assured that secure procedures are in place to safeguard all keys and access cards.


When a complete overhaul is required, CES is there to help. From coordinating the transportation of your unit to a secure warehouse and depot facility, to providing complete refurbishment. With skilled and trained technicians, we will create and/or implement rigid refurbishment procedures to ensure an extended product life.


During a Merchandising call, a PM call or a break/fix call, CES will complete a visual inspection of your unit. Upon agreement, we will complete the cosmetic repairs to ensure that the Brand Image is protected. CES will even schedule regular visits to each unit as part of the bundled services package.


CES utilizes a best-in-class Service event management system, with an integrated parts management module. Customers can choose from a variety of options that range from simple parts management to a more complex suite of inventory management models and reporting.


CES help desk services can manage multiple vendors on your behalf, offering your company a seamless appearance to your clients. We can simplify your call management, as well as provide critical call data and metrics information.


Across the mall or across town, CES will coordinate all activity with your preferred carrier to ensure minimal downtime. From preparing the unit for shipment to reinstallation and final testing at the new location, service from CES protects the Brand and Optimizes Revenue.


Having trouble communicating with the Unit? Then Network Troubleshooting is the answer. Working in conjunction with your Help Desk, CES will dispatch a skilled and qualified technician to troubleshoot and repair the unit.


CES offers a simple, cost-effective repair alternative through our quick and convenient Depot Repair Services. Rather than a field technician executing on-site repairs, CES will maximize your up-time by either providing an advance-exchange replacement unit or immediately sending the entire unit. Our skilled depot technicians ensure a high level of quality and dependability on repaired machines. We will even assist with reinstallation or “white-glove” setup of the unit, if needed.


Measuring and understanding the service requirements and operational efficiency of your equipment can lead to improved profitability and customer loyalty. CES can design and structure an ongoing program to capture the information necessary to drive equipment performance. We can compile and report this information for you to help you to make informed decisions to drive growth in your business.